Mr Clean

Repairs and alterations

If you have an almost-perfect garment, but there’s just something about it, then please ask us for advice on your clothing alterations. Our seamstress/tailor repairs, restyles and alters many items. For alterations she likes to fit your garments as this allows you to see the alteration being pinned. You can also provide a perfectly fitting example which she can use as a template for your alteration.

Mr Clean offers the following repairs and alterations services at our shop in Daventry:

Fixing buttons
Stitching pockets, seams, crutches, etc.
Replacing zips
Resizing (lengthening trousers, waist take in/let out, take-up hem, reduce shoulders, shortening curtains, etc.)
Re-lining coats and jackets
Elbow patches
Made to measure garments, literally tailored to your needs

All of which can be carried out by us.

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