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“Dry” is usually defined as “free from moisture or liquid”. However, “dry”, as in dry-cleaning, only suggests that cleaning is done without water. It does not mean that dry-cleaning is done without any liquid! The liquid used in our dry-cleaning business is the industry standard Perchloroethylene, which the industry simply calls "PERC".

PERC is commonly used to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and it can also eliminate labour-intensive hand washing.

If garments that should be dry-cleaned are washed in water they can easily be damaged, even beyond repair, as they might shrink, become fluffy, get all stretched out of shape or even completely change in texture.

As you cannot use PERC at home, you have to bring your delicates to a dry-cleaner. But this is not the only reason. Delicate fabrics need special ironing or pressing as well. Most domestic ironing equipment and ironing techniques are usually not up to delicates.

But, don’t forget: As your dry-cleaner, we are also specialised in removing all kind of stains. PERC on its own is a very good stain remover, but not all stains can be removed with PERC alone. Some stains need to be treated with spotting other solvents and sometimes stains need to be treated by steam-jetting or soaking in special stain-remover liquids before garments are actually dry cleaned. This is where we are specialised. To be assured of the best result, your garments are in good hands with us!

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