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Corporate services

As one of the leading independent dry-cleaners in our area we pride ourselves in offering a customer focused service for small and large businesses. We deliver difficult, regular and high volume projects.

We currently serve the following businesses:

  • Bridal shops (Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and dresses for the mother of the bride)
  • Hotels (Guest laundry, staff uniforms, curtains, bedding, table cloths)
  • Bed and breakfast (Duvet covers, bed sheets, pillowcases)
  • Spas (Bathrobes)
  • Sports clubs (Sportswear, rugby kits)
  • Restaurants (Chefs wear, table linen, aprons)
  • Health and beauty salons, including hairdressers (Towels, barbers capes)
  • Factories and garages (Workwear, overalls, laboratory coats)
  • Motorsport (Race suits)
  • Dry-cleaning collection points

We tailor our services to each company’s individual need, and we welcome any business to contact us.

To make our services client specific we can adjust and combine the following aspects:

  • Account setup (Single account / Multiple accounts / Main and subaccounts)
  • Account type (Cash / Credit)
  • Booking (Drop off & Pick up / Collection & Delivery)
  • Receipts (Print out / Email)
  • Receipt prices (Display / Hide)
  • Pricing (Discount from retail prices / Set prices for individual items)
  • Invoicing (Immediately / Periodically)
  • Your reference (Purchase order / Guest name / Room number / Production number)
  • Invoice (By post / By email)
  • Payment (Cash / Card / Contactless / BACS / Cheque)

We can also design and provide order forms.

Example Guest Order Form

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