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Wedding dress boxes

It is better not to hang a dress long term on a clothes hanger, as it places stresses on the seams and shape of the dress. It is better to box your wedding dress.

Our wedding dress boxes help protect your wedding dress from external factors that might cause damage from light, dust, dirt and acids.

In short, our wedding dress boxes are:

  • Sturdy, protecting against light, dirt, dust and disaster
  • Fit for purpose, offering a natural breathable environment allowing for humidity changes
  • pH neutral, preventing any item inside from yellowing or discolouration

For adequate protection a storage box should be sturdy enough to protect from accidents, eliminate light, should be breathable (i.e. non plastic) and pH neutral i.e. contain no acid or alkali. Our wedding dress boxes offer all the protection your dress needs.

Our advice is to store your dress in a spare room at a normal and constant room temperature that has no history of insects, rather than the attic. And once packed away we advise to check on your wedding dress every year to ensure nothing untoward has happened to it, and repacking it to help prevent any creases becoming too permanent.

Fabrics tend to discolour over time by taking acid from items that surround them, often referred to as "yellowing". All items, unless they are acid free, such as normal cardboard, paper, coloured fabrics, wood or plastic contain some form of acid that can have an effect after many years on items that lie next to them. It is therefore important that your dress is kept in a neutral and hamrless medium, and to pack it carefuly using acid free paper. When boxing your dress we use acid free paper and our boxes itself are pH neutral as well (neither acid or alkali).

When storing your wedding dress our general advise is to prevent the following:

  • Normal cardboard
  • Wardrobes and suitcase linings
  • Plastic
  • Staples

Normal cardboard boxes contain acid that passes into the dress fabric causing discolouration and yellowing.

Wardrobes, drawers, suitcase linings and colour dyes in clothes will all have an effect on the purer fabrics of the wedding dress if they lie next to it. It is always best to separate a wedding dress from any other item and to surround it with an acid free medium.

PVC plastic covers are not suitable for long-term storage

  • They do not allow for changes in humidity. In the extreme this causes condensation on the inside of the cover, leading to dampening of the fabric and the growth of mould.
  • They do not protect from light fading the fabric.
  • PVC covers will disintegrate after several years, and alien particles from the plastic will affect the dress fabrics.

And please avoid packing materials with metal staples as they may rust.

It is best to use one of our wedding dress boxes.

We can provide economy boxes for as little as £20 and we are happy to box it for you.

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