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Wedding dress cleaning

At Mr Clean in Daventry we understand and appreciate the relationship you have with your wedding dress. Our cleaning techniques ensure that your gown will remain the dress of your dreams.

We are experienced in cleaning of wedding gowns. Our work begins with an inspection of your dress, because just as every bride is unique, so is every dress. We analyse fabrics, dyes and weaves and note ornaments and their composition to determine which cleaning methods are the best for your dress, so that fabrics retain their shape and do not discolour, and embellishments (beads, sequins, and other trimmings) remain affixed.

Makeup, champagne, wedding cake, and perspiration, and also mud, affect fabric differently. We identify and treat those stains individually before cleaning because if left untreated, sugar stains (like those caused by champagne) and chloride salts (perspiration) will oxidize over time and appear as brown spots months or even years later, causing irreversible fabric deterioration.

Although dry cleaning is an appropriate method for cleaning most natural fibres, some dyes and finishes can dissolve in standard solvents. Beads and buttons made of certain plastics can discolour in the same solutions. Care labels are often misleading or erroneous. Aqueous, or water-based, solutions can cause some dress fabrics or linings to shrink. Sequins that have a gelatine base will dissolve when immersed in water. We use only the cleaning treatment that is best for your gown, because we carefully identify the composition of all materials before treatment.

After cleaning and preservation, the most important step for your gown is packing it properly so you can store it for months, years, or decades. We fold your dress carefully to avoid damage caused by excessive creasing and use the finest materials available to support and protect your gown.

Our wedding-gown boxes are acid-free that protects your gown from light but is still being breathable and which are specifically designed storage containers to keep your gown in pristine condition.

We know that viewing your dress will bring back wonderful memories of your day. We ask only that you repack your gown carefully, in the same way we did, to keep it protected.

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