Mr Clean

Garment protectors

  • Strong and robust covers
  • Excellent quality
  • Soft touch frosted coating
  • Peva storage bags are made of a biodegradable material
  • Ideal for wardrobe storage
  • Keeps your wardrobe neat, tidy and organized
  • Helps keeping your valuable garments in pristine condition
  • Especially useful during travel and transport

We recommend the use of our Suit and Dress Covers to keep your treasured garments safe and protected against all that nature has to throw at your wardrobe, protecting them from dust and moths. Moths eat natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, cotton, silks etc. By storing your garments in our man-made Peva Covers you are adding a further level of moth protection.

These garment covers are manufactured by Caraselle to exact specifications to guarantee consistent high quality of materials. Caraselle has been making Garment Covers for over 30 years and these covers are produced in their own factory.

Different sizes available, ranging from shirt bags to wedding dress covers:

  • Shirt storage bags
  • Suit covers
  • Dress covers
  • Long coat / Ball gown covers
  • Wedding gown cover

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