Mr Clean

Equine laundry

We offer a washing and reproofing service for horse rugs and other horse clothing, such as numnahs and saddle cloths.

Horse rugs can be dropped off at the rear of our shop.

Stable rugs and turnout rugs12.70
Combo rugs14.70
Separate necks4.45
Coolers and light weight summer sheets10.00
Numnahs and saddle cloths6.30

Washing and reproofing£
Wash and reproof turnout19.35
Wash and reproof combo turnout20.50
Wash and reproof light weight summer turnout14.40
Separate necks reproofed5.60

Please contact us for further details - we are here to help!

Prices are subject to change.
Last check against prices in our till: February 2019.