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Carpet cleaner hire

Starting from as little as £14.70 for 4 hours.

Our Kärcher portable carpet cleaner is ideal for domestic carpets in households and small offices:

  • Compact and easy to manoeuvre
  • Simple to operate
  • It cleans and restores pile on most fabrics (but please test on a small area first)
  • Pre-booking may be required
  • You will need Carpet Cleaning Detergent when you hire this item, which is available to buy when you collect

This Video on YouTube demonstrates what you can expect.

Clean floors make everything look better.

But there are other reasons to clean your carpets regularly:

  • Dust mites: They favour high humidity levels and warm temperatures. Under these conditions mite populations explode. Mites concentrate in high traffic areas and furnishings as they feed on shed human skin scales, house dust, pollen gains, plant fibres and insect scales.
  • Your health: A Clean carpet is just healthier! Do you want your kids crawling around on dirty carpets? Of course not. A carpet is like a giant air filter for your home. It traps dust and dirt and keeps it out of the air that we breathe. This filter obviously needs to be cleaned from time to time.
  • Damage: Carpets lose their freshness and softness when not deeply cleaned. Dirt is abrasive and will ruin your carpeting if left in place. Every step on a dirty carpet grinds against the carpet fibres. This permanently damages the carpet and causes it to wear out much quicker.

If you give your carpet a professional clean once every six months, or at least once a year, you will help increase its life substantially.

How it works:

  • Detergent is turned into foam
  • This foam is sprayed under pressure deep into the bottom of the carpet
  • Buried dirt, dust and grime is released in seconds
  • Preventing the carpet-backing from becoming too wet the foam solution including captured dirt, dust and grime is then immediately sucked up under vacuum
  • The carpet is now hygienically clean, allergens are reduced and the carpet is dry in a few hours
  • The result: It all will look beautifully restored and colours appear to be brighter

How much will it cost? To find out, please download this document (in .pdf format):

Cost of Carpet Cleaning

If you are having trouble opening a PDF document you may need to download and install the free Adobe Reader on your computer.

We can give you advice on how to get the most from your carpet cleaner and we will be happy to demonstrate how to use the machine at our premises.

Please note: We also offer a collection & delivery service to make life easier. Please contact us for more details on this service.

Prices are subject to change.
Last check against prices in our till: February 2019.