Mr Clean

Why us

We give attention to detail

  • Everything is hand-finished, allowing us to give attention to detail to your garments, household and other items.
  • Many fabrics are delicate and require special care in cleaning. In addition to looking for spots and stains, we also pay special attention to the type of fabric to ensure that your item is cleaned properly.

We care

  • We do not outsource. All work is done in-house. Except for leather and suede.
  • We keep our work areas clean at all times, minimising the risk of any dirt and dust transferring onto your clothes.
  • We keep our production areas not only clean but also safe, tidy and organised; such that we can concentrate on the job we do for you.
  • We use the hottest water possible for bed sheets, towels and underwear. And taking special care with undergarments, putting them in the dryer as soon as possible, to stop bacteria growth while they sit damp in the washer.
  • We prevent pilling (which is caused by abrasion of fibres), e.g. by turning synthetic clothing inside out before washing.
  • We care for the environment. We reduce waste and energy losses where possible.

We only use the best detergents

  • We use liquid detergents. Why? Powder destainers are just not as gentle to your fabrics. Liquids are gentler. And our laundry machines are equipped with an automatic dosing equipment and is programmed to the hardness of the water, so we never use too much or too little detergent, which is better for the environment, better for the end result and of course better for our budget, but it also prevents from leaving detergent residues on clothes.
  • We use perchloroethylene as solvent for dry-cleaning. "Perc" is still the best dry-cleaners have right now. Some dry-cleaners claim to be using "Green Earth", a silicone-based cleaner, but it doesn’t comply with most care label instructions for dry-cleaning and it certainly doesn’t remove the multitude of stains that perc can do. In fact, most "green-cleaning" is more green than clean.

We go the extra mile

  • We may not charge the cheapest rates, but we are not aiming for half a job. For example: Some dry-cleaners might not press the inside or lining of your jacket. But we do. We also have eye for detail: Removing loose threads and providing a razor sharp trouser crease at all times. Some dry-cleaners charge additional fees for a premium service. We don’t.
  • We don’t return your items with our tagging. Not all dry-cleaners bother detaching their production number. We do: We remove our tagging and return your items not only clean, but also free from production tags.
  • We can help you carrying bulky and heavy items to and from your car. Just pop in and ask for assistance. We will go the extra mile to serve you as a valued customer.
  • We do return found items.

We keep you informed

  • We interact with you. We do laundry and dry-cleaning ourselves. So, when receiving and delivering your order we can actually advise you. You will receive expert advice. Something not all dry-cleaners (and certainly not all collection points for dry-cleaning) can provide.
  • We inform you when your order is ready by sending you an email, provided you have given us one. Not all dry-cleaners do this, because they don’t have the facilities. We do. We have the best software available for the dry-cleaning industry.