Mr Clean

Mr Clean regrets to inform that it has experienced a fire. This unfortunate event took place on Thursday 31 October 2019 after closure of business and was discovered at around 9pm in the evening. Fortunately no-one was injured but unfortunately the business suffered severely and Mr Clean is currently unable to trade.

Mr Clean has already started re-cleaning customers’ items and results are to be expected shortly. Collection of items will not be able to take place from Mr Clean’s premises. An alternative collection point is being organised of which details will follow shortly.

The exact cause of the fire remains unknown but it has been confirmed that the fire was not the cause of any electrical fault and the event was classified as accidental. Mr Clean has however suffered severe smoke damage and the dry clean machine and all washing machines and dryers have been affected by smoke damage and heat development. The conclusion so far is that affected machinery is beyond repair and Mr Clean is currently awaiting the assessments of building insurers before any work can commence.

Our phone line, internet connection, webserver, email server and POS equipment have all been affected. So far Mr Clean has restored the webserver and email server. A new phone line with a new phone number will be available as of Tuesday 12 November 2019. Restoration of the POS till is still in progress and currently we do not have access to your contact details including phone numbers and email addresses and therefore we cannot contact you directly.

Mr Clean appreciates your patience and understanding until this situation has been sorted for you and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any questions please email