Mr Clean

How we clean

After receiving your order the following takes place:

Booking Garments are handed over and a receipt is produced.
Tagging Items are tagged so that items will not be lost in the cleaning process.
Examine Stains are detected that require special care. We empty pockets and found items will be returned to you. We also check each item on loose buttons and other embellishments. Metal zips will be closed, because they can damage other items in the washing cycle.
Sorting Garments are sorted by treatment, fabric, stain and colour.
Spot cleaning Tough and heavy stains are treated by "spotting" them with special chemicals suitable for the job and fabric.
Weighing We do not want to overload our machines and we also have to keep a register of how many kilograms we wash and how much solvents and detergents we use.
Washing The machines are loaded and set to the right program for the fabric and amount of soiling. We never use too much or too little detergent, because our machines are equipped with an automatic dosing system, which is better for the environment and for the end result!
Drying In the drying cycle we sometimes add tennis balls, as this is a proven method of improving the drying process, reducing drying time and saving energy and therefore the environment.
Spot cleaning Post-wash spot cleaning removes stubborn stains missed by the wash.
Pressing or ironing Garments are hand-pressed with our industrial pressing equipment, but certain delicate items are hand-ironed.
Fixing (if any) During pressing we will have checked each individual item in detail and loose buttons or other embellishments are now fixed.
Finishing Any dust, hair, lint, etc. is removed
Quality check All items are checked and we also check that any special instructions by you have been met.
Bagging Clean items are bagged and hung. On your request we can also fold items for you. And before bagging we will also remove any production tags for you.
Racking All items belonging to the same order are now ready and waiting to be collected (including any found items that need to be returned to you).
Messaging If you have provided us with your email address we will send you an email to inform you that your order is ready to be picked up.
Collecting Our customer returns with their receipt. But no worries if you have lost your receipt as your order will be booked under your name, so we always know which item belongs to you.
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