Mr Clean

Care label symbols

What should be dry-cleaned? Answer: The circle symbol. And the letter contained within the circle and/or a bar beneath the circle will indicate the chemical and the process to be used by the dry-cleaner. The letter P indicates that the solvent Perc (short for perchloroethylene) will need to be used. At Mr Clean we use Perc, which is the standard in the dry-cleaning industry.

But please be aware:

  • A cross through any symbol means "DO NOT", meaning that a cross through the circle symbol does mean: Do not dry-clean!
  • And a circle within a square means tumble dry. It does not mean that you can also dry-clean this item!
Dry-clean (chemical cleaning)
Dry-clean (with Perc, PCE, perchloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene)
Dry-clean, gentle
Dry-clean, very gentle
Do not dry-clean
Machine-wash, cold, at or below 30°C
Machine-wash, warm, at or below 40°C
Machine-wash, very warm, at or below 50°C
Machine-wash, hot, at or below 60°C
Do not wash
Ironing at low temperature
Ironing at medium temperature
Ironing at high temperature
Do not iron
Bleaching with chlorine allowed
Bleaching with non-chlorine allowed
Do not bleach
Line dry
Drip dry
Flat dry
Dry in shadow
Tumble dry
Tumble dry low temperature
Tumble dry normal temperature
Do not tumble dry

These symbols give consumers, retailers and cleaners information on how best to wash, dry or clean their clothes. Following the correct care labelling can help keep clothes in the best shape possible.